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water heater sales and service

Let our professionals  solve all of your water heater problems. We do routine repairs, water heater replacements and upgrades to tankless systems.


Green plumbing/tankless water heaters

  • Clean
    Our tankless water heaters have ultra low emissions and leave almost no carbon footprint.
  • Efficient
    With up to 98% efficiency, our tankless water heaters exceed Energy Star standards and qualify for LEED and Tax credits.
  • No Startup Lag
    No startup lag eliminates “cold water sandwiches”
  • High Standards
    15 year residential and 5 year commercial commercial no leak heat exchanger warranties.
  • Consistent Water Pressure
    Full flow design allows for high output
    without a drop in water pressure

Eternal Hybrid
Tankless Water Heater

Tip: Water heater insulation blankets should not be put on gas water heaters. They can be a fire hazard and should be avoided.

Tip: If your traditional water heater stops producing hot water, check the pilot light to make sure it is lit.